Bubbles BUBBLES is now living the GOOD LIFE with her NEW HUMAN AND FURRY FAMILY!! She is strolling the city in style with her pink coat, hanging out at the beach with her buddies, taking a nap in her leather chair, and posing to smile for the camera. WE are so ecstatic by her new life!!!


Eaton EATON is just one of our many success stories. Eaton arrived at Luvable Dog Rescue withdrawn, lack of energy, not a hunger for food or even life. We worried about him. So, we asked one of our volunteers to take him home to make sure he was eating and drinking. After a month at our volunteer's home, he bounced back as a ball of energy. Our volunteer knew he was special and would fit into her active lifestyle perfectly. So she adopted Eaton because no one was good enough. From Eaton's mom: "Eaton loves to explore. We spend [...]