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Luvable Dog Rescue is honored and grateful to PEOPLE MAGAZINE for our story in their February 20th issue (2017). A special thanks to KATE HOGAN, Features Director at PEOPLE and James Miller, photo editor. You guys were amazing to work with!!!

LUVABLE began almost 18 years ago, and it is sure awesome to receive recognition for our many years of hard work and thousands of lives saved. However, we are just a tiny part of a very large family of animal-lovers across America who volunteer and work for non-profits, Humane Societies and other agencies to save and improve the quality of life for animals. What we do at LUVABLE could not be done without the help of countless other people, from shelter volunteers to animal transporters. We are so grateful to be a part of such an amazing family of animal advocates.

Please consider a donation to LUVABLE or to your local rescue group or Humane Society!

Why do we need the money? Because LUVABLE provides all needed medical care to every single dog we accept into our shelter. If you have a dog, you know how expensive this can be, and unlike what many people assume, veterinarians DO NOT provide us with free medical care because we are a non-profit organization. At most, we are given a 20% discount on medical services. Many dogs arrive at LUVABLE suffering from years of neglect. Some require surgery, many need dental care, and all of them must be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and cared for until they are healthy enough for adoption. We are grateful to PEOPLE for featuring our story, in the hope we can save more lives! Your donation toward medical or operating expenses will help us help more dogs. And if you would like to adopt, and are within driving distance of our little shelter in the woods, please go to our website and request an application.

At the time of this posting, LUVABLE is about to receive a life-saving transport of dogs and puppies. As soon as the dogs have been evaluated, groomed, vetted and passed a two-week quarantine period, they will be posted on our website and placed up for adoption. If at any time LUVABLE seems to be “low” on dogs, please keep in mind it is because we do not typically advertise or place our dogs until they are finished with their quarantine and medical care. We feel this is the most responsible way to operate our Rescue. On average, we receive a transport group of dogs about every 2-3 weeks. Therefore, at times it may seem like we have lots and lots of available dogs, and at other times, very few. So, if we do not have exactly the dog or puppy you were hoping for at this time, please check back in a week or two.

Again, thank you to KATE HOGAN and PEOPLE for their story – check out the magazine issue and also stay tuned for a more in-depth on-line digital story with additional photos to come out soon. We will post a link to that story when it is available on-line.

Luvable Dog Rescue Featured on Good Morning America!

Shelter Builds Colorful Cottages for Its Pups Instead of Cages

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Luvable News Flash

Luvable is grateful to David Avacado Wolfe, for his sweet video about our work at Luvable that has had over 30 MILLION VIEWS in two months!!!!

Hope you enjoy this video about our special dog rescue in the woods of Oregon!!!

This Shelter Gives its Pit Bulls Cottages, Not Cages

For some very lucky pit bulls in Oregon, their time in a “shelter” is more like time spent in a cozy cabin at summer camp.

These dogs have a total of 55 acres of land — including forest, meadows, hiking trails, and a small country road — which they can use to decompress and feel at home while they’re waiting for an adopter.

Within the wooded acres, pit bulls have their own private cottages. The cottages offer indoor and outdoor space, and while each dog lives separately, shelter staff give the dogs time to socialize, too.

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Dogs Available for Adoption

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