Emergency Situation

Dear Friends and Supporters of Luvable:

It has been a really rough week on many people in our area due to the terrible icestorm that took out power for thousands… We just got our power back on at Luvable today, after almost six days with no electricity or running water. Thankfully, a donor sent us a generator as soon as we could get it up and running after the storm. We were able to heat the kennel and none of our dogs were cold or uncomfortable. It was just dark and a bit scary with all of the giant trees crashing down all around us. The kennel was not hit, thankfully. But we have a huge amount of cleanup and work to do. There has been a lot of damage to the property and fences and some to the cottages.

If you are able to help in some way, as soon as we get organized we’ll start to arrange volunteers and helpers… thank you so much to everyone who has offered to help in some way!!! If you have offered and not received a response, please know we are just overwhelmed trying to get things sorted out and make plans. We do need help and appreciate the offers very much. Ashley and I both have our own dogs and homes to care for as well, and everything here has been damaged in some way… so we are working as hard as we can to get things going again. If you have some way to help, such as clearing trails or repairing things, please feel free to send me an email at: lieslhardt@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to get back to everyone as we have the ability to. There is just so much to try to get to…! It has been scary and exhausting week…mostly due to the falling giant Douglas Fir trees…!!!

We also appreciate the donations that have been coming in. If you would like to help, we appreciate anything you can give, from cash (paypal account is on this webpage) to blankets and towels and cleaning supplies. Our mailing address for packages is: Luvable, p.o. Box 50367 Eugene, Oregon 97405.

A lot of people and animals are in need, we realize that. So thank you for anything you can give. We appreciate all of the love and support that has been coming our way! If you are interested in adopting one of our amazing pups, please be patient with us as we need to deal with recovery from this emergency first and then we will get back to folks who have submitted applications as soon as possible!!! I’m sure our dogs would love to get out of here! Thanks so much to everyone again.

Here’s a link to view a KEZI  report about the damage caused by the storm. http://www.kezi.com/story/34107354/luvable-dog-rescue-heavily-damaged-by-ice-storm

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This Shelter Gives its Pit Bulls Cottages, Not Cages

For some very lucky pit bulls in Oregon, their time in a “shelter” is more like time spent in a cozy cabin at summer camp.

These dogs have a total of 55 acres of land — including forest, meadows, hiking trails, and a small country road — which they can use to decompress and feel at home while they’re waiting for an adopter.

Within the wooded acres, pit bulls have their own private cottages. The cottages offer indoor and outdoor space, and while each dog lives separately, shelter staff give the dogs time to socialize, too.

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