Sophie Gamand Photography

Sophie Gamand is a French award-winning photographer known for her advocacy for shelter dogs, especially pit bulls. Her iconic Flower Power  series (shelter pit bulls wearing flower crowns) has been a game-changer for rescuers and pit bulls advocates and owners around the world. Sophie uses her popular Instagram and Facebook platforms to advocate and promote the adoptions of her models. She visited Luvable in May 2016 and photographed 38 of our dogs, including 7 puppies and 14 adult pit bulls for Flower Power. Follow her work on Instagram or Facebook.

Sophie recently visited Luvable Dog Rescue and had this to say:

I was promised green, luscious, giant forests, and an idyllic place. Luvable was all that and more. We came all the way from New York to photograph some of the adoptable dogs Luvable had. And from the moment we pulled in front of a lovely cluster of adorable cottages, we knew this place was special. As soon as Liesl, Ashley and the team greeted us, we recognized the amount of love, care and dedication that went into building this safe haven. A breath of fresh air in animal rescue, a sanctuary where animals come to regain their strength, restore their faith in humanity, too. They do so in a comfortable, fairytale-like environment, and guided by some of the kindest, most knowledgeable hands and spirits I have met in animal welfare. I truly had a wonderful time working with Luvable and their animals.

Sophie’s Enchanting Pit Bull Portraits